Is this not a Scam? Are the prices for Real?

Answer: Yea, they are very real. We are third party data resellers. We buy in bulk from the network providers to resell to our clients.

How do I check my data balance?


For MTN dial *461*7#

For ETISALAT dial *229*9#

For GLO dial *127*0#

For AIRTEL dial *123*57#

How can I buy data from you?

Answer: On our website www.cheapmobiledata.com.ng with your ATM Card, VOGUE PAY, Bank deposit and QUICKTELLER.

How long is the data valid for?

Answer: The data is valid for 30days from the day of purchase.

Can I roll-over my unused data?

Answer: You cannot roll-over unused data at the moment but our Network providers are working on that being a reality soon.

Can I transfer this data bundle?

Answer: You cannot transfer this data bundle, however, if you have a device which is capable of creating a wifi hotspot, you can create an hotspot for friends and family to share.

Will this work on my Blackberry and Modems?

Answer: Yes it works perfectly well with the Blackberry Series and Modems.

Which devices are compatible?

Answer: Our data bundle works on most Smart devices. iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Tablet PCs, Windows Phone and Tablet PCs, Modems, Blackberry Series etc…

When can I buy?

Answer: Our support centre for phone calls, SMS, WhatsApp are available from 8am – 8pm on Monday to Saturday, 3.00pm – 9pm on Sunday’s.

What happens if I order outside your support hours?

Answer: If you order outside our support hours, your order will be treated with high priority in the next support hour.